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Pure determination

Garmisch P A. Riley

I've been fighting a head cold and a blocked ear all weekend so in an attempt to be less online and rest I started reading "Getting to it!" It's all about doing the most important thing and I couldn't agree more. I've noticed that watching Clover do her most important thing with pure determination is pretty inspiring. Everyday our little baby teaches me something I didn't know.


Manchego popcorn

Garmisch P A. Riley

I started reading a book called "Getting to It!" And talked about the thing to do next. Then all of sudden I wanted was manchego popcorn from Elk and Pea probably since I've been craving it since Thursday. So off we went at 5:30, the first family outing for the day. It was lovely and delicious. Turns out, belly knows best.


A break

Garmisch P A. Riley

I was about to lose it so this morning I called my mum to see if she could hang out with our little baby for an hour or so. She said she'll come just before peak hour in the afternoon.

But see, nothing out of the ordinary happened at all. There were no epic meltdown, no poosplosion, not even a desperate desire to tidy up. I did have less sleep than normal but it pretty much comes with the territory sometimes. I just had a feeling that I would implode so I called in reinforcements.

Clover just went down for her nap as Nene came and I almost didn't leave the house. She kept encouraging me to go but I couldn't think of a reason why I wanted to go in the first place. But as I looked around the study (where I decided to do project tidy) I realised I just needed a break. So I got out my day clothes said bye to my mum and baby and headed out the door.

The first thing I did was go on my phone to absentmindedly check email and I had the sudden urge to take a break from that as well. Then as I reached the bus stop I suddenly felt like a massage. So I called, made the appointment in twenty minutes time and everything felt lighter.

As I got closer to Thai Bliss I made a conscious effort to breathe and be in the moment. I went in guilt free, smiling and relaxed. It was bliss.

I walked out feeling refreshed and a better person. Because as they say on the plane, you have to put your mask on before you help your child (or anyone else).


Dear Kate

Garmisch P A. Riley

One of my packages from yesterday were my sister's and my Dear Kate pants, a Kickstarter we backed in June. Elegantly design and very stylish. It's a bit snug at the waist as I could only measure the length when we ordered back when I was 9 months pregnant.

Looking forward to wearing it to dance on Friday though!


How it is

Garmisch P A. Riley

When my two year old nephew saw me taking a photo of my writing he wanted me to take one of his name. I showed him the photo and he was pleased. So I gave him my iPhone, had him hold like a "camera" and he snapped away. It was pretty cute seeing what he came up with. Capturing the moment for what it is is all I ever want to do. I just have to remember to live it too.


A name

Garmisch P A. Riley

Once I had the name, it all started falling into place. So now the domain name is registered, my colours are picked and I've chosen an animal. Feeling excited, enthusiastic and energised.