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Eight years and four months later

Garmisch P A. Riley

For our six months (dating) anniversary, I visited Tim in Adelaide and he took me to this lovely restaurant for a fancy meal.

Eight years and four months later we thought we'd make the most of Clover and Nan time and had a fancy lunch out at the same restaurant.

Later this month it will be nine years since we met in the middle of the Memorial Drive Tennis Stadium here in Adelaide. Time is a funny thing.


46 Weeks

Garmisch P A. Riley

Our little baby is on the move, she loves to dance, chat, squeal in delight and is so mindful in everything she does it absolutely melts my heart.
Forty six weeks and six days old. Home.

Forty six weeks and six days old. Home.

This weeks highlights:

  • Seeing Clover hang out and be taken care of by both of her cousins was very sweet. They adore her and always made sure she was having fun, eating and let her lead the activity.
  • Clover loves her food and is always trying new things from organic steel cut oats to a teeny taste of mama made almond and tahini cookies.
  • Watching her use her new oh so soft hairbrush is too cute. She insists on holding my (not so soft) brush and her own as she taps them together in between brushing her hair.
  • She seems to be talking in "sentences" a lot more, follow commands and understands the Tagalog words I say!
  • She's taken a liking to my ball of yarn, holding it with both hands carefully up to her chin and gives it a little cuddle. Discovered she does it with Newton too, very nurturing.
  • She passes me clothes from the lower rack and waits eagerly as I get it off her and say thank you. She did the same with the groceries (though she took them out of the cupboard first) as well as puts my slipper on and off my foot. The look on her face when she helps is contagious, big, happy grin and just so proud of herself.
  • She's now walking too, from a few steps on Wednesday to eight on Thursday to being on her feet, toddling about, not phased that she falls down, she's so focused and determined. Today she insisted that Tim or I (or both) hold her hand and took us on a walking expedition throughout the house.

#planetclover #52weeksofClover

Day nineteen - I live here

Garmisch P A. Riley

Since buying this bookshelf early last year, the intention was always to have the lower shelves for the baby. And now, with Clover becoming so mobile and adventurous, she's already using both of her allocated spots. The rest of the shelves have been okay but lately, it's been getting a tad cluttered and becoming too much of a dump zone. So today I tidied it up, swapped the iPod Hi-Fi for our little jambox and only kept things that we're reading, using or what we find beautiful.

One of my favourite things to do is continually reassess the different areas of our home to make sure their function and purpose stay true to what we want, that it aligns with our minimalist and simplistic nature and for Clover's things, to have a Montessori touch.

In addition to the living room, I took on the study and Clover's room. I feel lighter, better and enjoyed it a little too much!


68 weeks ago

Garmisch P A. Riley

I've been arranging and rearranging Clover's wardrobe since her early days in my belly. It's been a something I've loved doing but never felt like it was complete. Overtime I've learnt that it's actually okay to keep changing my mind. Whether it be how I do her laundry to where each of her (and my) garments live. In fact knowing that nothing has to be permanent makes it a lot less stressful and way more fun.

Today made me realise how much I miss simplifying, arranging and organising. I think I've been so caught up in selling goods that we don't want that I've forgotten just how much I wanted to simplify everything.

I started documenting my simplifying journey 68 weeks ago. But I've been doing it for many years, it's what I did for fun (or when I was bored, angry, upset, recharging, excited and so much more). I'm addicted to clutter free space and order. It's who I am and I can't wait to get back into it.


Interior design

Garmisch P A. Riley

I went to Sir Charles again today and it reignited that spark in me about wanting to fit out houses. Perhaps that's why I love airbnb so much. It's got me thinking once again about what passions lie within me that have been resting dormant. There's something about travelling that really gets my mind and body rest and gives me the chance to really listen.



Garmisch P A. Riley

I was reading the book I found at my parents place as Clover read hers. As I turned the page, Clover sat up and quickly scuttled towards me. Paper is her latest must have object. I took the opportunity to read it out loud to her but she just wanted to turn the pages.

So I found a gorgeous KL sketchbook and started to read it out loud as she turned the pages. The drawings were phenomenal and the hand written anecdotes makes it the perfect picture book. Clover loved the feel of the pages and staying true to her name the first picture she reached/scratched was a coffee shop.

It got me thinking about baby books and just how important tactile elements are. Clover has a soft book that makes noises and I recently introduced a small hard book. I know she'll master opening the little book but I do wonder if there are any other options. And so now I smell a project brewing ;)


Unravelling 2015

Garmisch P A. Riley

Today I started my Susannah Conway's Unravelling 2015. I made myself a cup of tea, went up to the office, opened the French doors and just as I took photos of my set up Clover woke up. Normally I would be a bit bummed about not even getting started but one of the instructions in the booklet says to "let go of expectations" and so I did.

I got Clover, placed her on my lap, retook my photos and asI started writing, she wanted a feed. So I did. When she finished, I put her by my side to play as I wrote down my most my most memorable day of 2014.

Bringing her into the world with Tim was hands down my favourite day, moment and occasion for 2014. I can remember everything and as I replay it in my head, I can't help but smile and giggle at just how truly beautiful it was.


Me' Bank

Garmisch P A. Riley

My little sister is cleaning out her room and has uncovered a bunch of lovely childhood memories. I remember our school holidays were filled with small businesses, made up games, holiday school, science club, detective kits, my very own bank and much more. Growing up we learnt how to type, design and print. Creativity rocks.